Drop Ship

Illustration of How Drop Ship Works

No minimums required! Whether you are a Brick and Mortar, Internet Based Business or Home Based Business you will benefit greatly with our Drop Ship program. If you just think about it why should you do all the work when we’ll do it for you. We will be your warehouse for not only shipping but for all returns and exchanges. That’s right!! When a customer wants to return an item for a refund or exchange they will return it back to our warehouse and we will complete the request upon your approval. We all know that returns can be a hidden profit gobbler that you have to sometimes discard or if discontinued try and sell below your cost just to get rid of it. Also the time and energy you spend with the return process can now be spent on marketing to maximize your true profit potential. When we ship our products to your customer we can include your return authorization form if you have provided us with one. We can also include any other type of stuffers in the package such as promotions or holiday sales flyers.

There is a $3.50 handling fee on all orders drop shipped.
::::The drop ship fee is a per order charge not a per item charge.::::

Not only are we freeing up your time for more important things but your turnaround time is 24 hours (Monday through Friday) from the time we receive the order. This is a big plus for your customer knowing that if time is an issue there are express shipping options available through FedEx and UPS. Quick shipping is the key to customer satisfaction and repeat orders. At Elegant Moments Lingerie we have it covered.